Why I Wrote The Peepee Pad Story

I thought I should back up a bit, and explain why I need peepee pads for a cat in the first place.  After all, it’s more often dogs piddle about more than kitties.  Well, it’s Luna.

Luna is a tiny tortoise shell puffy kitty.  She was found on a soccer field as a itty bitty kitten.  She first appeared running across the field where the boys were playing.  Seated on the sidelines, I saw what looked like a brown leaf blowing across the field.  When I realized it was a kitten, my heart leapt.  She was heading for all those spikey kicky feet and that big blasty ball.  She’d be obliterated.

So, I ran out onto the field much to the chagrin of my son who was playing.  The refs weren’t too thrilled either.   I snatched her up and continued across the field.  I thought, “Gee kitty, you must have really wanted to get across that field.”  I put her down thinking I’d helped her get where she was going.  But, no.  She turned and ran right back onto the field and toward the boys.  She’d be stomped for sure.

Again, I ran, scooped her up, and made it to my lawn chair.  I held her for the rest of the game, not trusting her sense of self preservation.  After the game, I walked about looking for a momma kitty, or her family.  She was a loner.  I began to ask the other parents, “Who wants a kitten?  We’re all catted out already.”  Most pretended not to hear me.  Soon we were the only car in the parking lot.  I sat her down and backed up to see what she’d do.  She ran.  Not across the field this time but straight up my leg.  Luckily I had jeans on.

And, that, is how Luna came to live with us.  We named her Luna, not for the moon, but for “lunatic” because of the way she kept trying to commit soccer-cide.   Okay, now, cut to the present.  My soccer-playing son had been in junior high when she came to us.  Today he has a masters degree in psychology and is working in Houston as an LPC.  And… she is still with us.


Bitty Luna, and my son Daniel, the soccer playing boy, and grown up Psychologist.

Luna the Lunatic is now 18 years old.  She is still a tiny tortoise shell, however, not quite so puffy, kitty.  Perfectly healthy, albeit, not as attractive as she once was, she rules the house.  Presiding over the other four cats, she pretty much does as she pleases.  Until… what pleased her was to get in the mailman’s truck, sleep in the middle of the street, or sneak next door and eat the food off our neighbors, also cat owners, porch.


Lazing about on the patio. This is the life.

I feared for her safety, so as much as she loves sun puddles and eating grass, I knew it was time for Luna to become an exclusively indoor kitty.  She’s had a great life.  She’s been a country cat and a city cat, survived three hurricanes (we live on the Gulf Coast near Houston), and never wanted for food, a warm bed, or love.

She spends most of her time now sleeping and eating, and NOT going in the litter box.  Hence, the peepee pads.  They are her “Depends” and she loves them.  I’m not sure how many of her nine lives are left, but she shows no sign of slowing down, or looking for the Rainbow Bridge.  So, I shall enjoy her company, hugs, and forehead bumps until I can’t any more.

Love you, Luna girl.


The Queen looks upon you favorably.