The Chatterlings In Wordland (1928) Children’s Book

Among my favorite things my Daddy left me are some books from when he was a little boy.  Fascinating stories to read of course, but OMG the illustrations!!  Ever since the first time I snuck a peek, the images I saw have been tattooed in my brain.  I say “snuck a peek” because I wasn’t allowed to touch Daddy’s books early on as I was a known “voracious reader” lol.  Just ask my mom about her original Superman and Katy Keene comic books…

And, ever since that first glimpse, every time I open one of Daddy’s books, I think to myself, ” How amazing are these illustrations?!!  What a pity they aren’t seen by more people.  They MUST be seen, enjoyed, remembered, treasured.”  So, I decided to share them here, on my blog.

I’d like to share first one of the most bizarre of the books in my opinion.  Odd little book about some odd little people called The Chatterlings.  I came to realize later in life that it was a vocabulary book, and not so odd after all.  However, the “Chatterlings” had already imprinted on me long before coming to that mundane realization lol.

So, here, I present “The Chatterlings In Wordland” written and illustrated by Michael Lipman, copyright 1928, revised 1935.












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