My darling students and the vintage pics from my dance studio, Ingram School of Dance (founded in 1933) make for some really great memes!


In my spare time (when I’m supposed to be doing something else that I don’t really want to do), I like to create memes, usually motivational in nature.  I use photos from my own library 99% of the time.  Since my studio has been around since 1933, I’ve got some really cool old vintage pics, and several thousand performance stills from over 30 years of recitals since I’ve owned it.

Here is a collection of dance-related memes of my own making.  Hope you like.  Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.  =)




Kimberly Kay Learns Ballet

My bittiest niece performs to “The Lady Song,” a baby ballet class staple. We dance to it at the end of every lesson.  Click here to watch.


23 Dec 16
Having spent a huge majority of my life with children, and having two boys of my own, I feel I have an above average take on many aspects of their lives ...

I’m Buying More Than Dance Lessons, I’m Paying For Something Else

15 Dec 16
So, if I am not paying for dance, what am I paying for? Opportunities.