Sometimes Mother Nature Sucks…

21 Jun 17
Time out from real life brought to you by Tropical Storm “Cindy.” Well crap. She’s definitely putting a crimp in my plans. Doesn’t appear to be a big baddie like “Ike” ...

Qynn Floriette, the Flower Faerie

“Wither dost thou wander, wither dost thou wonder?” – Me, I said that.

Amazing Control and Isolations. This is way hard, folks.

A dance of beautiful, articulate control!  Must see!

“This dance is a prayer for women who hold themselves back, who do not know their own power, as creators, as healers, as givers of life…” ¬† – Zola Dubnikova

Special Vacation Destinations For Special Needs Kids!

13 Jan 17
Parents of special needs children have discovered suitable destinations after years of trial and error.

Playing With Sharks and Other Pastimes.

12 Jan 17 many times as I told him as a child, "Jonathan, PUT that DOWN!!" he still picks up dangerous things.


Katie Willow

My bitty niece Katie plays with her Willow tree.