Toulouse Is Bishus (Director’s Cut)

My ginger bebe Toulouse is a rescue kitten.  Snatched to safety in the nick of time from underneath an 18-wheeler.My cousin was behind the big rig at a busy intersection during the red light.  Just a 4 week old bit of orange fluff, it became very obvious he had a personality extraordinaire.  In this, his first appearance on video, he shows just how vicious (bishus) he can be.  Yes, Toulouse has a bit of a lisp.  We are working on that.

Denrée Tells Us To &%#@ Off

Denrée, my 3 year old Siamese, is loving but moody.  When Denrée dines, he prefers to dine alone.  I have 4 other kitties, Toulouse, Sascha, Luna, and Gretel.  Maybe you’ll meet them later.