Fare Thee Well Barack, Michelle, Malia & Sasha.

“It was the best of times… it was the age of wisdom… it was the epoch of belief… it was the season of light… it was the spring of hope.”
Well done, Former President Obama. You have our admiration, thanks, and love. Enjoy your next adventure. I’m sure you will handle it with the grace, dignity, and style that you brought to our Oval Office. Fare thee well, Barack, Michelle, Malia & Sasha.

Special Vacation Destinations For Special Needs Kids!

13 Jan 17
Parents of special needs children have discovered suitable destinations after years of trial and error.

Playing With Sharks and Other Pastimes.

12 Jan 17
...as many times as I told him as a child, "Jonathan, PUT that DOWN!!" he still picks up dangerous things.


Me, Me, Me, Me, Meme!

10 Tips To Make Reading Fun!

23 Dec 16
Reading aloud to your child each night does much more than just induce sleep.

Katie Willow

My bitty niece Katie plays with her Willow tree.