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My Green-Eyed Ginger Purr Machine

Toulouse, a rescue, all grown up.  You may have seen an earlier production entitled, “Toulouse Is Bishus” on this same blog.  He was quite the kitten prodigy in his debut film.  Drama, suspense, danger… it’s a must see!!



Why I Wrote The Peepee Pad Story

24 Jan 17
Luna, short for "lunatic."

My Kitty Peepee Pad Trick

19 Jan 17
My "double plastic peepee pad quilty sandwich."

No Room For Me

Four of five kitties asleep in my bed.  Felines in order of appearance:  Gretel, Sascha, Toulouse, Denrée.  Luna was being pissy and didn’t participate.

My Fool Proof Cat Proof Christmas Tree

16 Jan 17
I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to keep cats from doing stuff.


Cat Litter Review – And I Know This Stuff

8 Jan 17
Okay this sounds like a joke, but it's not. I genuinely have a cat litter I'm incredibly happy with and if you are personal assistant to one or more cats, ...