Sometimes I Count Sheep.

Sometimes I Count Sheep.




Sergei Polunin / Сергей полунин “Entrelacé” …passion intertwined.

Sergei Polunin / Сергей полунин “Entrelacé” A passionate montage of Sergei and his ballerinas. A most beautiful man illustrating some of the most beautiful choreography with his lucky(?) ballerinas. The question mark signifies his ability to make most ballerinas disappear…

“Mais Oui” or Things That Make Me Say Yes.

Mai oui, or things that make me say yes.  

A Really Great Thing Sergei Polunin Is Doing For Hearing Impaired Russian Kids

Chorégraphie de la Main “Eva Fiarita the Ballerina” by Pam

Chorégraphie de la Main “Eva Fiarita the Ballerina” by Pam

Chorégraphie de la Main “Missa Mina Makes A Friend”

Chorégraphie de la Main “The Horse Warbler”

“Midnight Radio” from Hedwig and the Angry Inch …one sexy song >=]

24 Feb 17
Like your blood knows the way, From your heart to your brain.

Chorégraphie de la Main “Happyloosa”

Chorégraphie de la Main or Choreography of the Hand.
What is sketching if not the choreographing of movement for the hand. Instruction that tells the fingers that hold the pen where to go, how lightly to tread, how quickly to dart, or how long to hesitate. It is a dance. It is an art. An art of movement that leaves a line, a dot, a shadow, unlike traditional dance. Once performed, traditional dance is nonexistent, gone. In the twinkling of an eye, a flash of glorious light, all gone. The dancer and the observer are left with nothing tangible, only memories and emotions .
Masterpieces or doodles, creation is creation. Let your hands dance and see what happens.

No musical accompaniment like usual. The scratchy scratchy pen sounds were particular pleasing on this drawing. =)

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A Day In The Life of A Really Famous Ballet Dancer

This video is about A Day In The Life of Sergei Polunin. Said to be the next Baryshnikov or Nureyev, or maybe even surpass them, the young Ukrainian ballet dancer has taken the world by storm. A whirlwind, exotic lifestyle you might think? Well, no matter how famous, the life of a ballet dancer is hard work, commitment, and repetition, repetition, repetition… every day. This is probably more like a day in Sergei Polunin’s life than some fans might imagine…

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