Playing With Sharks and Other Pastimes.

More memes…

Quick story about this first one.  This is my nephew Jonathan.  He has a PHD in marine biology specializing in the study of sharks.  We tease him that his degree is in sharkology.  Anyway, yes, he really and truly holds sharks… as many times as I told him as a child, “Jonathan, PUT that DOWN!!”  he’s still picking up dangerous things.  He appeared on Shark Week one season in a show called “VooDoo Shark.”  He currently works for Texas Parks and Wildlife doing marine research.  Yeah, I’m proud of him.  =)


Shark Doctor Jonathan



My favorite pair of “eyes.”  My dance students love to sneak and put them on and pretend to be Harry Potter, although I’m pretty sure his aren’t green.



This is my youngest son, Daniel, performing in one of my recitals.  This pic is not photoshopped… he got up there that high all by himself.


This momma raccoon hangs out in our yard sometimes.  Brings whatever crop of babies she’s working on sometimes.  This time she came alone and had a soak in the water bowl we put out for them.





Original artwork by Penelope Jane. The first piece is entitled, “People” and the second is “Pink.” I drew the little house, she is not very good with details yet. “Pink” was completed over the course of several sleepovers.


After I took this pic a Texas hill country flash flood washed this bridge away. It was soon rebuilt by the Army Corps of Engineers. They are responsible for everything on this hiking trail which is located near the Stillhouse Hollow Dam in Belton, Texas. Very nice stroll if you’re ever in the area.


Sonoma Beach, Northern California. I was standing on a rock. About 1.2 seconds after I snapped this pic, I was soaked.


My oldest son Eric, who has a perfectly wonderful life.  They’re used to me using family photos to make memes.



My lovely student, Anayeli.