I’ve made a discovery that has me all excited!  This is a terribly important finding that if you are experiencing the problem I’ve solved, you’ll be just as thrilled as I am.  If not, you’re gonna just think I’m kinda bonkers.

You know how the packaging of dog/cat peepee pads all say leak proof (and NONE of them are that I have tried)?  I don’t understand how peepee goes through the plastic backing, but it does, leaving a yucky, drippy mess.  I’ve even tried putting two pads down on top of each other.  All that does is make a heavier, yucky, drippy mess.  Well, out of sheer desperation and a bit o’ pondering, I tried something else, and lo and behold, it worked!!

I again put two pads down, however, I placed the bottom pad quilty side DOWN.  The top one  went quilty side UP, so that their two plastic linings were touching each other.  My thinking was that maybe TWO layers of plastic could keep the peepee in check, and the quilting on the very bottom could help corral anything that did make it through.   Et voila!  That’s exactly how it worked!

I know this is an odd blog post subject, but I believe this information could be very helpful to the right people.  So, there it is.  Lemme know your findings, and any adjustments or tweaks you might have thought of to refine what I call my “double plastic peepee pad quilty sandwich.”


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