My Fool Proof Cat Proof Christmas Tree

As personal assistant to five cats, many of my waking hours are filled with figuring out ways to keep the cats from doing stuff.  Come December, the main goal was to put up a Christmas tree, yet not build a diving platform/penthouse/launch pad/jingle ball dispenser for the felines.

Luna, my old lady kitty, is a proven tree sleeper.  Many times she has gone missing only to be found sound asleep, curled in a tight wad upon a Christmas tree bough high above eye level.  This being her 18th Christmas (yeah, 18 real calendar human years, not cat/dog “years”), I especially wanted to keep her earthbound as she is not as spry as she used to be and kinda crispy.

The Siamese brothers, Sascha and Denrée, are both as tall and lanky as thoroughbreds and proportionally just as fast.  They, on normal days, careen around the house ramping off couch backs and armoire peaks.  A tree would only become another architectural element in their “parkour” sessions.

Toulouse, my body pillow-sized ginger cat, would simply muscle the tree over as soon as he noticed there was a trunk/scratching post inside all that “cat toy” covered greenery.

Finally, there is my grey puff ball, Gretel.  Not much worry about her wrecking the tree as she is as shy and reclusive as a spider.  My family and friends don’t believe she actually exists.  They refer to her as my “mythical” cat.

So, after abundant pondering, I came up with what I personally think is a genius idea.   Soon, my tree was up, shining brightly through the front window.  People outside commented on how particularly lovely my tree was.  I drove past the front of my house, and was amazed at how perfect it looked from the street.


It remained up and untouched for the entire holiday.  I don’t even think the cats noticed it was there.  It looked just as good the day I took it down as when I first put it up.



How did I do it?

Let me show you the other side of that window.

Keep scrolling…

Ta Da!!


With a few strings of lights and some twist ties, I made a triangle on the inside of my window on the burglar bars.  Granted, burglar bars are not a common feature, but those  3M Command stickie thingies would work just as well.  I really couldn’t believe how great it looked from outside.  Folks refused to believe it wasn’t a real tree until I let them peek “behind the curtain” so to speak.

I got to enjoy my favorite aspect of a Christmas tree (sitting in the darkness watching the lights twinkle) and my dance students coming and going outside loved the festive “tree” in my front window.

I’ll end this post with a wish.  May 2017 be kind to us all, and I hope your new year is off to a grand and proper start.  As we say in ballet class, “Bonne Année” mes amies.