Welcome to the Kindergiggle Blog.

You’ll find all sorts of info here.

I have taught dance for over 35 years so a lot of my posts will be dance-related and child-related.

I own and operate an online educational toy shop so many will be play-related or education-related.

Having spent a huge majority of my life with children, and having two boys of my own, I feel I have an above average take on many aspects of their lives and psyches.  I’m pretty good at getting them to do what I want without turning them into little prunes, and I know how to cajole a terrified 3 year old into letting me put her down on a “dance color” without having her bolt for the door.


My little dancers have thrilled me, vexed me, caused me to wonder about my career choice, and made me laugh.  The have given me more love than I ever imagined, more hugs around my knees (hey, toddlers are short), brightened more down days into up ones, and I have loved them all dearly.  Even the ones whose names I learn first… think about it a second… which child’s name will I repeat most often the first few classes?  The lovely wide-eyed one standing on her dance spot?  Or the “puppy-like” toddler who seems clueless and just may not know her own name yet.  I have loved them all.  They are all my “babies” though I NEVER call them that to their faces… until they grow up, and bring me “granddancers.”  Then, they love it when I call them that.  My big, grownup, thirty year old “babies.”

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions? I'd love to hear from you!

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