The Doomed Romanovs True Story Will Haunt You…

The Doomed Romanovs True Story Will Haunt You…

By Pam Boehme Simon 
December 6, 2017
I have recently renewed a fascination with a very dark event in the course of human events… the horrific story of the tragic deaths of the Romanov family.  All politics aside, the human aspect is haunting.  It is my desire to leave the political discussions for others, and focus on the murdered innocents, the Romanov children.
As a little girl, the stories of Anastasia fascinated me… now, the older I get, the more details I learn, any “romance” of the “child who lived” has given way to disgust. I do not and will not discuss politics, but the human toll of this event prompts me to share.
*contains graphic descriptions
doomed romanovs

The Royal Family in happier days.

It was 1 am on the 17th of July, 1918. The deposed Tsar Nicholas II his wife Alexandra, and their five children were awoken from a deep sleep. The Royal family was being held captive. They, along with four servants, were told by their Bolshevik captors to dress and gather their belongings for an unexpected departure into the dark Russian night.

Gathered in the cellar of the mansion, the Romanov family waited. They huddled together almost as if posing for a family portrait. Tsarina Alexandra, who was sick, asked for a chair. Another was given to the young boy Alexei.

Suddenly, about a dozen armed men ran into the room, and what happened next has gone down in history as one of the most shocking events of the 20th century. The family and servants were slaughtered in a massacre that still to this day is viewed with horrible fascination.

If the rebels had planned a quick and merciful dispatch of the Royal family, they could not have failed more miserably. The massacre was a botched, prolonged, hideous event. No one died instantly or painlessly.

Targeted in the cellar that dark night were the tsar and his wife, the family physician, Dr. Evgeny Botkin, a maid Anna Demidova, the family’s cook Ivan Khartinov, footman Alexei Trupp, and all of the tsar’s beloved children… eldest daughter Olga, Maria, Tatiana, Anastasia, on down to the youngest and only son, Alexei.


doomed Romanovs

Tsar Nicholas II was the first to die.


Tsar Nicholas was the first to die, having jumped in front of the guns as soon as the reality of what was happening set in.  The gunfire was so chaotic and long lasting that the killers had to stop and take a break to open the cellar window and allow the rifle smoke to clear. Most of the family was still alive at that time, wounded, crying and terrified. Their suffering was worsened by the fact that they were, more or less, wearing bulletproof vests. The family had sewn jewels into the linings of their clothing in case they were ever able to escape. These jewels deflected bullets that otherwise might have ended their pain, prolonging the family’s agony and horror. The cause of death for most of the victims was actually spearing by bayonet or blows from a rifle butt, not gunshots.


doomed Romanovs

Anastasia, youngest daughter of the Romanov family.

The child Anastasia caused the most trouble for the Bolshevik killers. She reportedly kept running around, trying to hide behind things. Finally, after she fainted, the gunmen tried to examine her, but she awoke screaming wildly. This is what led to the story of Anastasia somehow surviving the onslaught. Many girls throughout history have claimed to be the Duchess Anastasia, however, records show that the child was dispatched by bayonet and rifle blow, and did indeed die with the rest of her family.

The horrific murder of the royal family shocked Russia and the world, and would go down in history as one of the most heinous acts ever committed.

The true story of the doomed Romanovs will haunt you forever...
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