Clipboards Don’t Stack…

Okay, dumb problem, but problem nonetheless.  I have 7 clipboards that I use once a year at my dance recital.  The other 360 days they are a storage botheration.  Clipboards don’t stack… they are part flat, and part big stupid clampy thing that screws up every attempt at organization.

Now, the point of this post… after 30+ years, is that I have figured out how to efficiently store them so that they are secure and they don’t take up a lick of space.  I mean, like, seriously. NO SPACE.  And, they no longer fall every time I get in that closet like they did before when they were stacked so precariously.

Ready?  It’s kinda complicated, so pay attention… lol, not really, in fact it’s so easy I’m kicking myself for taking so long to think of it.  Here goes…

Clamp them to the front edge of the shelf upside down!  The flat part is up so it doesn’t disturb the horizontal-ness of the shelf surface, and the big stupid clampy thing is underneath where nobody cares!  In fact, you could even hang other things from the hole at the top of the clamp if you wanted.

TA DA!!  Isn’t that awesome?  Not gonna call myself genius as I am disqualified for taking so long to think of this.  And, I know “clipboard storage” is not a common issue, but this excited me enough, I had to share.  So, yeah, there ya go.

Dance has been my life for almost 50 years. Performing, and teaching, ballet is what I do... what I did. I had no plans to retire anytime soon, but June of 2016, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s a neurological, degenerative, movement disease. I won't be dancing for very much longer if at all. I am losing control of my arms & legs, my muscles are stiffening up, & my sense of balance has ceased to exist. I’ve tied my last pair of pointe shoe ribbons. I now "dance" & "choreograph" through video. Ballet dancer Sergei Polunin is my favorite subject. Videos like "Take Me To Church" and "Make Love Not Walls" helped rocket him into superstar status. Unfairly or not, he was deemed the "Bad Boy of Ballet" because of his off stage antics & multiple tattoos soon after becoming the youngest principal dancer ever at the Royal Ballet. Growing up under a microscope proved difficult, however, he's emerged on the other side a veritable supernova!

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions? I'd love to hear from you!

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