A Really Great Thing Sergei Polunin Is Doing For Hearing Impaired Russian Kids

About That Houseguest

21 Mar 17
In a previous post, I mentioned a “houseguest.”  I wish to elaborate. When you compare him to me…  He’s had fewer birthdays.  He’s got a deeper rudder.  He’s got fewer scars.  He walks ...

For “Miss Mary Alice”

This video is about Ingram School of Dance. It was established in Orange, Texas in 1933 by Mary Alice Ingram Callahan. That is where the name comes from. It is currently owned and run by me, Pam Boehme Simon.
I am very proud of the heritage of my dance studio. Countless children and many generations have danced here and continue to do so. The photos in this video are all vintage Ingram School of Dance pictures taken in the 1930’s and 1940’s.
The three sepia toned pics (one at the beginning, middle, and end) are “Miss Mary Alice” herself. She left us in 2008 and I will miss her forever. This is a tribute to her and her studio, which it is my honor to continue running in a way that hopefully would make her proud.
If you are an “old” Ingram student, please COMMENT and SHARE. I’d love to see how many of you we can touch.


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“Bad Boy Of Ballet” Sergei Polunin

5 Feb 17
At the age of 19 he became the youngest principal dancer ever in this 85-year-old company.

Insomnia And “The Office”

1 Feb 17
"..that's what she said."

Fare Thee Well Barack, Michelle, Malia & Sasha.

“It was the best of times… it was the age of wisdom… it was the epoch of belief… it was the season of light… it was the spring of hope.”
Well done, Former President Obama. You have our admiration, thanks, and love. Enjoy your next adventure. I’m sure you will handle it with the grace, dignity, and style that you brought to our Oval Office. Fare thee well, Barack, Michelle, Malia & Sasha.