Cat Litter Review – And I Know This Stuff

Okay this sounds like a joke, but it’s not.  I genuinely have a cat litter I’m incredibly happy with and if you are personal assistant to one or more cats, you know what a big deal that is.

At the moment, I live with five kitties, Toulouse, Luna, Sascha, Denrée and Gretel.  You might think my house is a two story little box, but no… and I ask almost everyone who comes in my front door, “Does my house smell like I have cats?”  No one ever says yes.  You might think they’re just being nice, but I ask my mom, my sister, children, a girl who works with me… all folks who are known for their brutal honesty.  They would tell me.

So, the first demand most make on a cat litter can be checked off the list.  Does it conceal/destroy odors?  Yes.  Multiple cats?  Yes.

My next requirement is dust.  Or rather no dust.  I can’t handle cleaning the litter box with a cloud of dust enveloping my head.  I can only imagine what lovely bits I am breathing in.  The litter I have found is 99.9% dust free.  I can scoop as wildly as I like,  and still breathe without fear.  No holding a tissue over my nose and mouth, or desire to blow my nose/brush my teeth.

Next, clump integrity.  Do the clumps hold together when scooped?  Or do they crumble,  thus ruining the rest of the litter in the box.  I’m pretty sure this litter creates clumps you could bowl with if you were so inclined.  From the adorable “ping pong balls” Luna and Gretel leave, to their brothers’ two pound, scoop benders, the clumps remain neatly segregated.

Last, but not least, is it okay for the kitties to use?  Yes.  It’s made from plant derived particles (natural), contains “microguard” something or other, which seals in and destroys bacteria, and has the texture of sand which most cats (I know mine do) prefer.  The itty bitty grains don’t stick in their paws so much, making them more comfortable and minimizing tracking.

Okay, so now I will reveal this marvelous product.  Keep in mind, they have no idea I’m doing this.  I am not being compensated in any way, shape, or form.  Mine is a completely unbiased opinion.  My forever litter is:

Arm & Hammer Litter Clump & Seal MicroGuard Fresh Scent Cat Litter

Ta Da!  Hmm… seems a little anticlimactic  but, yeah, this is the best litter I have ever used and I have used them all I think.  From the crazy silicon beads to the hippie level standard of quality corn granules (so natural “you can eat it” says their ad, and then she does), or tree shavings.

You may wonder why I didn’t review the cost.  First of all, if a litter works, cat people don’t care if it rivals your car note.  I honestly don’t know how much it costs.  It’s not so expensive that I notice a difference in my grocery bill  and it lasts longer , so you actually use less.  That’s always a good thing.

So, there ya go.  Comment if you have a favorite kitty product, or helpful tip for your fellow feline PA’s.  Oh, and hey, cool kitty names!  I always love hearing what people name their kitties.  I read the sign in sheet at the vet just to check out the monikers.  Comment yours!