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My name is Pam Boehme Simon.  I was a ballet dancer and instructor.  I was forced to hang up my pointe shoes way before I was ready.  Now I make videos.

Pam Boehme Simon

“I have danced my whole life.  It is who I am.  It is what I have given to two generations of dancers, and, what I hoped to do for many years to come.  However, fate had other plans…”

I teach at a dance studio that has been around since 1933.  Dancing here as a little girl, I returned in 1986, after graduating college with a dance degree.  Been here ever since, with no plans to go anywhere else for a long time.

Plans don’t always go as planned

However… I have been forced to completely rethink that.  The summer of 2016, at an unusually young age for such a thing, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (the shaky one).  It’s a neurological, degenerative, movement disease.  I’m not gonna be dancing for very much longer.

I will slowly lose control of different body parts, my muscles will stiffen up, and my sense of balance will cease to exist.  Needless to say, I’ve probably tied my last pair of pointe shoe ribbons…

I mourned the “death” of my lifelong companion, dance,  briefly.  Then I wiped away the tears, straightened my tutu, and put on my thinking tiara.

Needing to find a new way to work and earn a little bit of income, I had to come up with a new way to make a living, and this one would have to be stationary.

After pondering for quite a while, I told myself, “Okay.  I worked my derrière off to get to where I am, and I can do it again to get to the next place.”

Hmmm… creating via computer

I have always been fascinated by computers.

Back in 1994, I bought a big ol’ Macintosh Performa with a whopping 8 MB of RAM.  I switched it on, it said “Hello” and we became good friends.  I built my studio’s website in 2000 and that was back when it was all html or wysiwyg at best.  Not this drag-and-drop stuff we’re spoiled to today.  I started shopping on Amazon back when their logo was still a river and all they sold was books!

Soon after my diagnosis, an email caught my eye.  An internet marketing/online business promotion sort of thing.  Normally I wouldn’t have paid it much attention, but in my new frame of mind, it got me thinking.  Hmmm… make money online… sitting at the computer… that… would be PERFECT!

For 30 years I’ve spent the majority of my time with children.  I like to think that I have a bit more insight into the workings of a child’s mind than most.  What makes them happy,  what makes them fearful?  How do you change a fearful one back into a happy one.  Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at doing this.  I know what makes them excited and enthusiastic and proud of themselves.  I know what makes them dance.

So, computers huh… doing what exactly?

First, I started a blog, kinda all over the place (a blog salad one might call it) but here I collect beautiful things, silly things, dumb jokes, clever riddles, crazy stories, quirky music, real excursions and pretend adventures… you get the idea.  Then, having enough self-taught knowledge of code and html, I started building websites for other people and places.  Finally, a site, to collect and share things about my favorite ballet dancer, Sergei Polunin.

Sergei Polunin, Graceful Beast

Now, about THIS site… This site is different.  There’s nothing silly about what I intend to do here.  This site is about preservation, admiration, and inspiration.  I’ve spent my life helping children become ballet dancers, and I’ve found a way I can kinda continue doing that. Granted, it won’t be the same, but ballet will still be part of the plan.  Through Sergei’s amazing story, I can still try to make a positive influence on young ballet dancers anywhere.  We’ve all seen how he inspires others.  I intend to hang on to and spread that inspiration around while preserving everything I can pertaining to his amazing story and journey.

I look at it like this… If someone had known from very beginning how special Baryshnikov or Nureyev, Nijinsky or Pavlova, for example, were going to become, and they began stockpiling information about them for posterity.   Just think what that would mean to us today and to future balletomanes.  We who are here now have this chance.  So, I am gathering picturesvideosanything and everything about Sergei Polunin.   As fans of the ballet and ballet dancers, we understand how lucky we are to live at this time.  We are watching what could very well be a legend in the making.  We can one day tell others, “I remember when Sergei…” and a very fortunate few can say, “I saw him dance.”

My Videos

While spending so much time working online, an unforeseen thing happened.  After years of experience editing music online, I wandered into a VIDEO editor one day.  There, I found a new way to “dance” and “choreograph.”  No longer having to create 20 – 35 dances a year for our annual recital, I was getting very “stopped up” creatively.  Making ballet videos has proven to be a wonderful release.  I pull clips together, change the music around… more or less “choreograph” a dance through video.  It makes me very happy.  And, to my extreme surprise, it makes others happy as well.  I’ve just recorded 2,700,000 views on my YouTube channel****UPDATE: As of 8/10/2018 I have almost 5,000,000 views! ****

****UPDATE: As of 10/29/2019 I have 5,952,034 views views! ****

Thank you

I’ve spent my life helping and teaching children, and this is how I’d like to continue doing that.  Granted, my beloved dance will no longer be a part of the plan,  but I can still make a positive influence in the lives of my precious little ones and budding dancers.

Well.  All that being said, I thank you for visiting and for reading the story of my “why.”   If this were a ballet class, we would now curtsy and daintily shake hands.  However… it’s not a dance class anymore so “au revoir” will suffice, and a very heartfelt “merci.”


8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Pam… I still haven’t fed Creamy, but she crawled off me for a moment. Within the last month, I read the story of a family whose son had the same symptoms as Anna’s grandchild. The doctors got so tired of them trying to find out what was wrong, they actually told the family to take the boy home to die. They, of course, didn’t do that. There is a very rare illness that affects children that have some sort of hormonal insufficiency (150 children estimated worldwide) I wish I remembered where I saw it, but it affected a child and I can’t resist reading positive stories about sick children. The little boy will need treatment of some sort for his lifetime, but he’s normal now, running, jumping and talking. I’ll try to find the story again… Promise I will… Fondly… Rob (you know who)

    1. Such a wonderful re-creation! I appreciate the trouble.

      YOur advice on Parkinson’s is most welcome. I’m always open to any and everything. I am very familiar with MJ Fox. I watch him and his progression (degression?) closely.

      I loved hearing about your kitties, but omg your daughter =( I can’t even begin to imagine the grief… I’m so sorry.
      I was the first in my family to have red hair for about 100 years lol. Mom and Dad are brunettes, HOWEVER, our milkman at the time was redheaded! My dad took quite a lot of teasing about that. Since me, gingers have been popping out quite frequently. My two sons have red hair, a brother, a niece, a nephew.

      I have 5 cats and they were all rescues but one. Just recently my dear old lady kitty, Luna (short for Lunatic) passed away. She was 18, and also a chest-sitter. I have Toulouse, Sascha, Denrée, Gretel, and Svetta currently.

      I hope Anna reads what you wrote. It should be of some comfort I would think.

      So, where are you from? Are you truly my elder (I am 56). Do you often comment on videos? We should play 20 questions.

      Ta for now.



      1. Pam… Well, I’ve lost another long note to you. I just couldn’t spell the wiener dog’s name (dacshund) or whatever it is, so I went out to Dictionary.com for help, and couldn’t get back. As far as I can tell, an hour’s work is just gone. Let me give you the essence: I’m 75 (so I’ve got you there). I live in Southern Pines, North Carolina, but I was born and raised in the Midwest, in Joliet, Illinois, and was stationed at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina in the mid 60’s when I was drafted. I went home to a career in banking for 35 years. When I retired, I became a professional guardian. Guardians are either of the person or of the estate. I’d been a banker, so I decided to take care of people in the second half. I organized a charitable company, HELPMATE, to help elderly folks accomplish the things they didn’t like to do, or the things they could no longer do alone. I brought the agency to North Carolina with me, along with 3 sweet cats. I just looked at the clock… it’s 3:30 AM. I’ll continue tomorrow… Fondly… Rob

        1. Wow, you have done some amazing things. I am honored to call you friend. I am so sorry for such a delay in writing back. Dance registration has started up. Currently I have some down time as we are waiting for Hurricane Harvey’s visit. I live on the Texas coast and thought while we still have power I’d to some browsing and catching up. He is a nasty one, cat 4. I’ll be back in touch soon, barring anything catastrophic lol. Oh, how is Creamy? My cats are all freaked out. I think they can feel the pressure bottom out as this hurricane approaches. Ta for now. Pam

        2. Rob please let me apologize, in my “emergency preparedness” frame of mind, I failed to remember that your dear Creamy had crossed the bridge. My heart hurts for you.

  2. Pam… This is my attempt at reconstruction: I started by hoping that you’re following medical research in the States. There have been great strides in research in part because of our actor, Michael J. Fox, who was stricken with Parkinson’s in mid acting career. In case you don’t know him, he was the young actor in the film, “Back to the Future”, and was a prime character in several television sitcoms. He began a charity that raises tens of millions of dollars to further research on Parkinson’s. Current meds. have dispensed with most, if not all, of the tremors. It won’t let you dance again, but you’d be able to balance a teacup (with tea) while you walk across the room. Michael Fox has like 5 children, so obviously reproduction was not affected. Before I forget, I assume that you know Sergei Palunin to speak to. Tell him to be sure that he doesn’t nap in his ballet gear. Holding your junk so tightly for so much time can create pressure on your prostate that will ultimately lead to cancer. Ballerinos, Roman Catholic Priests and your truly have succumbed to the insidious disease. Without a prostate you’re often drippy (translate plastic pants) and all the fun stuff you used to do below the belt is pretty much eliminated. His girl friend won’t appreciate that. My cat Creamy (indeterminate age), the one I got from my neighbor who slipped into Alzheimer’s and moved to New York to be close to her children, has been worrying me. My neighbor used to feed her the cheapest food, so she ate and ate. Cats instinctively know what they need, and they’ll keep eating until they get it. She was like a basketball with legs. When I got her on a decent diet, she lost the weight and looked like a normal cat. In recent weeks she’s lost even more, and I’m worried about her. She needs her rabies shot in any case, and I’ll know if anything’s wrong. I’m forgetting, I started by telling you that I have at least 14 rescue cats that live close to me. Four stay inside in the winter Creamy, Squeaker, Tiny and Tuxxi. Creamy and Squeaker are inside at night all year round. I have followed Roberto Bolle for years. He’s 42 and worries about how long his career might last. Like Sergei, he’s very handsome and lithe. My ex-wife had what I call mouse brown hair. She liked it red… I like red hair. I became her colorist and did a bang-up job with Preference by Loreal in the Copper Penny shade. She got tired of me and lost her colorist, too. She had a son that I adopted after we married, and we had fraternal twin daughters, Rachel and Rebecca. After we divorced all the children came to live with me. Rachel was murdered by an acquaintance on April 29, 1991, five days before her 18th birthday, and two weeks before her high school graduation. She was the only one who had real red hair. Creamy has come to sit on my chest (usually means she’s either hungry or cold… house is air conditioned). I’m going to feed her, so she’s pretty much done before the trip to the vet. I’ll continue in a separate comment after her appointment… Fondly… Rob(theElder)

  3. Hello Pam, I got your email because of seeing your video FALLEN. So I became interested in you when I realised that this video was not the same as the official video I knew. My world was also ballet. When I was 6, I started at the balletschool and later on I studied with the National Ballet and danced several years on the stage, But then I got a terrible accident and broke my back. So I head to recover a few years, always thinking about my balletworld. When I slowly recovered I decided to start on the Academy of Arts in Utrecht Holland. There I found an other passion, sculpturing. So years later I passed my exam and I started sculpturing in my own galery. It was very strange, but everytime a dancing sculpture came out of my hands, even if I planned something else. So in the following years I created a lot of “ballet-statues”, standing everywhere even in New Zealand.
    I’m so sorry when I red your story, but then came my respect for you. I really understand the feeling when you have to stop your great passion “the ballet”, but it’s very difficult to stand up again and to start an other passion. I saw your site “kindergiggle” and I was so amazed you succeeded in this. Very very nice. I have a grandson, 4 years now, but he became physical very ill and stopped talking after 2,5 years. So that’s very sad and he still isn’t diagnosed, a lot of times in hospitals for exames but they can’t find what happened. So for my son and his wife very difficult to hold on. But they do !
    So what I mean is, that we always have to try to stand up with the help and love of others. Thank you Pam for your story and I wish you all the best, meanwhile I started looking at all your video’s. Anna

    1. Oh my dearest Anna, I am in tears reading your message. Thank you so much for writing and sharing your stories. Besides giving me relief and satisfaction, my new way of “dancing” has had an unexpected side effect… I have met so many beautiful people with such beautiful souls. We are not alone in this, you and I, we have each other, and there are more out there. I feel a bond to you though we’ve never met and I am so grateful that you reached out to me. I, too, wish you the best, and please, please stay in touch. I hope you continue to enjoy my videos, and hope that you will write again. I thank you with all my heart. Pam

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