To quote my very first computer, “Hello.”

In 1994, I bought a big ‘ol Macintosh Performa computer.  Huge machine, with a whopping 8 MB of RAM lol.  I turned it on, was instantly charmed by its chime, and we became fast friends.

It might have weighed a ton, but that old Performa and I “went” everywhere!  I’ve been shopping at Amazon since all they sold were books, and their logo was a river.

2 iMacs, 1 MacBook Pro, and 3 MacBook Airs later, I’m still a faithful Apple geek.

This is my blog.  It’s not really about anything specific.  Kinda like a blog salad with a bit of everything thrown in and tossed about.  Mostly ballet, ballet dancers (particularly Sergei Polunin), doodle art, quotes, books, my kitty cats, pretty specific music and videos (which I create myself).  If any of these interest you, subscribe for updates (you won’t get anything else, I promise, I don’t even look at the email addresses of my subscribers, you’ll just get the alerts).

I am most proud of my videos so I suggest starting there.  Then come back and browse around.  Click here to get to my YouTube channel.

Thanks for looking.  Toodles.


8 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Dear Pam Boehm Simon I’m not sure if this is the active place to contact you but please bear with me as this will be a little long but noteworthy! I offer you and vicariously Sergei Polunin heartfelt thanks for helping me heal as we speak from a catastrophic injury to wit a compound triple fracture of my right tibia and fibula. This happened mid-November I was alone in my house tripped over a kitchen vestibule saw my bone protruding from my leg that was hanging like Gumby flat on the floor. Before I passed out I crawled to my landline phone on a high counter and got rescued and to surgery in only about an hour. I live in central New Jersey was very fortunate to have a fantastic trauma center. In any case its been a long slog via covid lockdown all holidays in a wheelchair then a walker and just in week or so ago a cane and in-and outpatient physical therapy. Until I could get on the cane I eschewed watching any ballet at all although I am a long time balletomane having subscribed to NYCB for more than 30 years and ABT before that and having seen ballet all over the world. My husband Charles Metcalf is chairman emeritus of the American Repertory Ballet in Princeton/New Brunswick. Before covid we were ver involved in travel, performances, galas, also operas, symphonies and more. And cruises, family, friends, entertainment, travel et al.

    All this is by way of not only the privations of the cruel covid having slowed me down to depression but the injury and pain as well although it has not made any difference in my lifestyle as here in NJ we still can’t a vaccine. Of course it is not all about me! So I started looking at ballet on you tube thinking it would be lovely to see beautiful bodies in motion as mine is coming back to life. I found I had viewed the Hozier video of Sergei a few years back and looked again. What a revelation of energy and feral passion and sadness and longing all at once. So I went to you tube and found your videos and have been viewing them for quite a few days.

    When I am awestruck by Sergei’s beauty and talent, I think back of Aristotle and the golden mean. Sergei is the perfect apotheosis of the tension between the Apollonian elegance and restraint and serenity and the Dionysian feral, ebullient, fierce abandonment that hovers in the id of all of us. What he does is exemplify both. And the beauty of his physical being to me is only enhanced by the scars and tattoos. His eyes are so penetrating and beautiful and tinged with tragic longing. But in his dancing you can see both the pure joy via Coppelia and the pure anguish via Mayerling all in one dancer. I did never see Nureyev but have seen Baryshnikov but I have never seen any artist of any kind as electrifying as Sergei Polunin is. And I have you to thank for sharing so many nuances of him not only as a dancer but as a supremely gifted man who has been blessed by the gods.

    So I am working hard at my mundane exercises and devouring Sergei at the same time and had to contact you to tell you that you and he are working miracles for me. In a way you are both saving my life, my leg, my sanity and inspiring me to hope for a better future for us all. Thank you again Pam, fondly Mary Kay Metcalf

  2. Hallo, dear Pam!
    My name is Anna. I’m from Russia, Moscow region, but I have been living in Kiev, Ukraine, for many years. To my greate surprise and regret, I did not know anything about Sergei Polunin until November 2019, imagine it! My acquaintance with this Dancer and ingenious human treasure began only now.
    Today I whatched a film about the Great russian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya. Maybe you know, but it struk me that her Birthday was November 20, as Sergei’s Birthday! And she, too, was considered a rebel and broke stereotypes in Soviet ballet. She was great unique person, beauty and artist.
    Thank you for your channal and your inspirational work with image of the charming Sergei Polunin – this is Wonderful!
    I wish you a Happy Fate in the New Year 2020!
    From Kiev with Love!

    1. Thank YOU dearest Anna! I appreciate your writing to me so very much. I love your story as to how you have just lately come to know of Sergei even though you were living so close to each other. I adore Maya Plisetskaya and have done videos in honor her as well. I hope maybe you’ve already found them. They are on my YouTube channel. Thank you for your kind and sweet words, and I’m so glad that you’ve found Sergei and my videos. Please keep watching, and I hope to hear from you again sometime. Big hugs from Texas!!!

  3. Thanks for the Polunin Swan Lake. I thought I knew most Ballet companies. Go to ABT 3 to 4 times a year. This is a very strong well trained company and I never heard of them. Watched it on a 65 inch UHDTV . It was great.

    1. Wow, so glad to hear from you. I’ve always wondered how my videos looked when bigger than a MacBook Air lol. Good to know!!

      Happy also you enjoyed the ballet. I discovered this ballet company a couple of years ago and they never disappoint. They pull dancers from the Bolshoi and Vaganova schools mainly, although Sergei Polunin is a Royal Ballet School product.

      I hope you’ll continue to visit and write again sometime. Thanks so much!


      Your last name wouldn’t happen to be LaFosse would it?? I danced with Robbie for Beaumont Civic Ballet as a teen.

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