To quote my very first computer, “Hello.”

In 1994, I bought a big ‘ol Macintosh Performa computer.  Huge machine, with a whopping 8 MB of RAM lol.  I turned it on, was instantly charmed by its chime, and we became fast friends.

It might have weighed a ton, but that old Performa and I “went” everywhere!  I’ve been shopping at Amazon since all they sold were books, and their logo was still a river.

Along the way, I taught myself to do stuff.  Baby stuff like “cut and paste” and middle-sized things like databases.  Eventually, I started figuring out code and html… no WYSIWYG back then.

My first sites were pretty primitive… but, I got better.  I started making sites for other people and local businesses.  I owned a dance studio, so of course, that was one of my first guinea pigs.  Yup, in 2000, Ingram School of Dance had its very own website.

I can make one for you, too, if you like.  Wanna look at a few?  Check it.


This is my blog.  It’s not really about anything specific.  Kinda like a blog salad with a bit of everything thrown in and tossed about.  Mostly ballet, ballet dancers (particularly Sergei Polunin), doodle art, quotes, books, my kitty cats, pretty specific music and videos (which I create myself).  If any of these interest you, subscribe for updates (you won’t get anything else, I promise, I don’t even look at the email addresses of my subscribers, you’ll just get the alerts).

I am most proud of my videos so I suggest starting there.  Then come back and browse around.  Follow this link to get to my YouTube channel.

And, if you wanna talk to me sometime about your very own website, clicky, clicky!

Thanks.  Toodles.


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thanks for the Polunin Swan Lake. I thought I knew most Ballet companies. Go to ABT 3 to 4 times a year. This is a very strong well trained company and I never heard of them. Watched it on a 65 inch UHDTV . It was great.

    1. Wow, so glad to hear from you. I’ve always wondered how my videos looked when bigger than a MacBook Air lol. Good to know!!

      Happy also you enjoyed the ballet. I discovered this ballet company a couple of years ago and they never disappoint. They pull dancers from the Bolshoi and Vaganova schools mainly, although Sergei Polunin is a Royal Ballet School product.

      I hope you’ll continue to visit and write again sometime. Thanks so much!


      Your last name wouldn’t happen to be LaFosse would it?? I danced with Robbie for Beaumont Civic Ballet as a teen.

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